RingCentral Contact Center expands with Connect First acquisition.

RingCentral contact center expands with Connect First acquisition.

Being the leading provider of the cloud communications platform, RingCentral always searches for ways of improving communication. It has recently announced about launching RingCentral Engage. It is an innovative digital customer engagement platform. RingCentral recent acquisition of Dimelo, which is used by some of the world’s leading business organizations.
Companies from financial, insurance and retail industries are using Dimelo and now RingCentral Engage will be available at the leading cloud communications and collaboration platform. It is expected to bring some revolutionary changes in the way businesses to engage with their customers.

What is RingCentral Engage Platform?

All the customers now prefer to deal with businesses that offer high-quality service in real time. Latest news about Ringcentral Engage is designed specifically to exhort the varying customer behaviors. This new system uses artificial-intelligence technology smart routing engine and it allows your agents to effectively manage customer engagements via various different digital channels. Your customer executives will need only one interface to do this complex job. That will be possible to do with this new RingCentral Engage.
You can easily integrate RingCentral Engage with video solutions and team messaging. It will allow your business to deliver top-class customer engagement and at the same time help your customers to enjoy seamless communication experience. It is going to be a new way of interaction between businesses and customers.

Your customers will not wait too long for the solution:

What the customers hate the most? The answer is “waiting for the solution”. Everyone is busy in today’s time and nobody has several minutes to waste on interacting with their chosen service provider. People want to find and integrate a prompt solution for the issues they are facing and RingCentral Engage delivers it. This system allows your agents to use team messaging and video to offer a much quicker customer resolution. They can quickly find the relevant experts in your business organization and connect them via the digital channel to entertain the customers.
Whether the customer wants a video, audio, or text conversation, your agents can connect them quickly to the right experts in your company. RingCentral Engage also allows the agents to switch to a different communication channel to resolve customer issues. That’s what makes it an innovative customer care solution for business organizations.
RingCentral Understands that people are quickly adopting new technologies. They love to use all the new means of communication available. It is important for businesses to provide all new ways of communication. Any business that sticks to the old contact center technologies, it may fail to provide a satisfying customer experience. The modern age contact centers seek the right set of tools so that they can use omnichannel solutions to engage clients across different channels. It is possible to do with RingCentral Engage and that’s why it got a huge hype since the day it was launched.

Key benefits of RingCentral Engage:

Hence it is a more advanced cloud-based contact center solution, it has to be more feature-rich and effective than its predecessors. That’s how RingCentral has made it. Let’s take a look at the key benefits of RingCentral Engage.
Better response time:
When it comes to essential apps or build for extending customer support throughout the business organization, the new RingCentral Engage is built for carrier success. It is integrated with team messaging. Your executives and customer service representatives can access the required expertise from the contact center and other parts of your business organization to provide excellent resolutions. Your customer executives will be able to respond with correct solutions without taking a long time. That is how you can deliver a better customer experience.
Enabling video and screen sharing feature:
All the customer service executives in your business can use real-time messaging including SMS, Apple Business Chat, web chat, and other chats and move to video and screen sharing so that they can resolve issues much faster. This feature is not available with other contact center apps. In addition, you can integrate your essential apps with RingCentral Engage to deliver better customer service solutions.
Connect customers directly to the experts:
You can hire professional customer service executives to engage with regular customers. They may have excellent customer service skills but they may not be the expert in resolving technical issues. Every business seeks a better contact center solution through which it can easily connect customers with the experts. The news from the RingCentral Engage makes it easier to do with its latest technology. Your agents can easily collaborate with the experts to resolve issues quickly.
Whatever communication channel the client is using, the agents can easily direct their calls and messages to the experts. Thus, experts can assess the problems and provide a much better solution.

Should you use RingCentral Engage?

If you like to try new and innovative solutions, you should try RingCentral Engage. Today’s customers like to hang out on various different platforms. You must switch to RingCentral Engage if you want to communicate to your customers via platforms they like to use. It includes messaging apps such as WeChat, Facebook Messanger, Apple Business Chat, and so on. This communications platform is built can also enable in-app messaging on both iOS and Android devices.
Its features such as automatic language recognition and smart routing allow you to offer more personalized customer service. Thus, RingCentral Engage becomes one of the best contact center programs for delivering better contact center solutions. So, you must try this new way of interacting with customers who seek a quick response and instant solutions.

Final thoughts:

RingCentral Engage is a new program that allows you to automatically allocate the messages by using AI or artificial-intelligence technology. It effectively reduces the need for transferring client messages manually to customer service representatives. This program works exceptionally well because it uses its patent AI tool, known as Intelligent Classification Engine (ICE). This tool allows you to customize and categorize customer messages and direct them to the right agents. Learn more about our press releases awards analyst reports.
In simple words, RingCentral and our products can be a way of making agents more productive. They can efficiently tackle all the calls, messages, chats, and video calls from the customers and provide them with satisfying solutions.

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