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It can be very challenging to find the top providers of business VoIP. You need to assess some important aspects of their service in order to pick the best VoIP service. Every business is different! Get the Best VoIP Service customized to your Requirements! Easily search, compare and choose with Voip Launch!

What is VoIP and why it is important for a business?

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is the most popular telephone service nowadays. It enables the user to send and receive calls over the internet. Your business can use VoIP service only if you have a high-speed internet connection. Thus, the VoIP service provider can offer you a flawless digital telephone service.

Voice over Internet Protocol is getting better with every passing year. VoIP service offering companies are using highly advanced technology to provide the user with cutting-edge calling, video, texting, and conferencing features. All these features make communication easier with the employees and the clients.

The VoIP services have totally eliminated the need of switchboard. It was used to direct call traffic to the intended destination when there was no VoIP solution available. Today, you can make direct calls and communicate easily with the intended person without waiting too long for connecting your calls. VoIP has been proven beneficial for many businesses operating across the globe. Communication across the border has become easier and more affordable with VoIP. Therefore, the demands for reliable VoIP service providers are increasing rapidly. Compare leading VoIP service providers in a few clicks! Get Customized Matches, Personalized Quotes, Free Trials & More!

How does it work?

VoIP relies on codecs to create data packets by encapsulating audio and these data packets are sent across an internet protocol network and then unencapsulated into audio form to retrieve the real audio on the receiver end. In simple words, your voice will be transmitted as data packets which will be received by the receiver and the same thing will happen from the other side. Thus, VoIP allows you to communicate over the internet.

This process completely eliminates the need of circuit-switched networks for voice. In addition, the VoIP service also eliminates infrastructure costs allowing service providers to offer exceptional calling, texting, and video conferencing services over their private networks and broadband. As an entrepreneur, you will need to operate a single voice and data network and there will be no need to spend a lot of money on different communication services. 

Types of VoIP telephones:

There are mainly two kinds of VoIP telephones, hardware-based phones and software-based phones. You should choose hardware-based VoIP phones if you are willing to install traditionally type hard-wired or cordless telephones in your premise. This type of VoIP phones offers minor features including a microphone, speaker, a caller-id display, a touchpad, etc. Features like call conferencing, voicemail and call transfer are also available with VoIP services. So, it works exactly like a traditional telephone when you choose a hardware VoIP phone. 

The software-based VoIP phones or softphones work through a computer or a mobile device. It will be totally different from traditional phones because you will be making and receiving calls through your desktop. Although the interface would look like a telephone handset with a caller ID display and touchpad, this VoIP phone will operate very differently.

You will need a headset equipped with a mic to have a smooth communication through your PC or mobile device. Thus, you can dial the number and communicate with your client through the softphone. You do not need a microphone when using your mobile device to make or receive calls through the VoIP service because your phone’s built-in mic and the speaker will do the job. 

Should you switch to VoIP now?

Although VoIP seems more beneficial than traditional telephone services, it is new and new technologies seem risky. Many people still do not understand how this technology works and why it is a better way of communication than traditional telecommunication techniques. New technologies often expose the users to new risks, but that is not going to happen if you are switching to Voice over Internet Protocol.

The adoption of VoIP is quite slow in comparison to legacy telephony. Small and medium-sized businesses still wonder like do they really need services offered by providers of VoIP or traditional telephones are enough for communication. You might think twice before switching to VoIP because you do not know the benefits of using Voice over Internet Protocol. A Hassle-free solution for Business owners looking to find the best VoIP service providers, affordable plans, free trials and more!

Let’s reveal some use cases and benefits to understand how beneficial VoIP services can be for your business.

Aids in curbing telephony costs:

Every business searches for the ways of controlling its expenditures in order to gain more profit. The leading service providers of VoIP ensure the client about curbing telephony costs 30- 50%. You will have to make many calls a day in order to run your business and find more prospects. It can increase the cost of running your business and that will reduce the profit you gain by selling products and offering your services.

Business Voip is a cost-saving option. Organizations are relying more on free communication tools such as Skype to reduce costs and have much better communication with the clients. The operation costs also reduce because the user can use his PC or mobile phones for communicating over IP. It cuts the costs of establishing new communication hardware setup in the business premise.

It is more advanced than ageing TDM systems:

It is simply challenging to be competitive in the market if you still rely on legacy technology. You will have to keep up with the new technologies in order to engage better with new clients and prospects. The experts believe that VoIP is going to be a catalyst for change. Many business organizations have already started replacing the old TDM systems. New employees know how to operate new technology and they are familiar with online communication.

In your organization also you can find many employees who mostly use their own mobile phones for communication instead of using their desk phones. VoIP is available for mobile devices and people will not wait too long to use this revolutionary communication technology. So, if you switch to VoIP now, your business can engage more and more modern clients than the competitors.

Do not worry about how your employees will react because they are already using web-based modes of communication including chat, emails, and video calls. TDM cannot offer such features but VoIP is already offering online calls, video, and text services.

It improves productivity:

This benefit might seem related to the previous one, but it is also a great reason for buying VoIP services. The VoIP service can make your employees more productive than they could ever be by using the legacy technology. The meaning of productivity is different for every business and measures are also different therefore the growth in productivity after implementing a VoIP solution cannot be quantified.

Some renowned service providers of Voice over Internet Protocol offers email alerts with MP3 audio files. That’s how they transmit the voice messages and it becomes very easy for the employees to get details on all the missed calls. It was very difficult to collaborate with the staff within the business premise or on a different office location by using the TDM technology. VoIP has made it easier and many IT firms are using this service to collaborate with the clients and employees for better results.

Things to consider before buying VoIP service:

In order to pick the right VoIP service provider, first, you have to decide what kind of VoIP service you want. Consider the below-listed options:

  • Business VoIP service
  • Software-based VoIP service
  • Device-based VoIP service
  • Mobile VoIP service

Once you know what kind of VoIP service you want, consider the following factors.

  • Check user reviews:

The first and very important thing you should check is user reviews. Providers of VoIP are already entertaining numerous customers across the globe. Know what their clients have to say about their service. Thus, you will be able to shortlist the best VoIP services operating in your region.

  • Check the packages and included features:

Different Voice over Internet Protocol service providers presents different packages. You will most probably find basic, standard, and premium packages. Choose a package that includes all the features you need when using the VoIP service. Consider your needs and then select a package that costs the most cost-effective price.

  • Can you access your VoIP services remotely?

If you are someone who constantly moves to a different location for business purpose, the VoIP service provider must be able to keep the track of your current IP address. It should provide the services wherever you want and then only it can benefit you.

Hence many new VoIP service providers are emerging every year, it is becoming more difficult to shortlist the best. One thing you can do is comparing the features and performance of all the top listed VoIP services.

People are already switched to VoIP and you should not wait too long before your competitors start taking advantage of this new technology. Find the best providers of VoIP in your region and assess their performance specs to know which one will offer the best support.

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