7 Benefits of a Contact Center

 7 Benefits of a Contact Center

It is very difficult for some people to tell contact center and call center are two different services. Although both of them are used for customer service, there are many things differentiate contact center and call center. The only similarity between these two services is both use the phone channels to serve the customers.
People often make a mistake of considering contact center a call center because it is a newer customer service solution. No customer has yet complained about contact center. Therefore, contact centers are considered more reliable solutions than call centers. There will be call center agents in a contact center but they will serve customers through various different channels. Let’s explore more about what a contact center is and the benefits of a contact center.

What is a contact center?

A contact center can be described as a multichannel customer service facility. It allows your customers to communicate with your team via multiple communication channels such as VoIP telephone service, text chat, email, fax, direct website interface and also through social media. A call center only uses telephone. The customer service executives use only telephonic channels to make inbound and outbound calls. That difference makes contact centers more beneficial for your business if you wish to reach your customers quickly.
The primary goal of a contact center is to improve customer interaction. It is established to provide omnichannel customer support. The customers find it pretty convenient when they get a chance of communicating with customer service executives through different channels.
All the modern users use email, social media, smartphones, and other communication mediums. They are not always free to make a call and wait for several minutes. Therefore, they search for other communication channels. A contact center makes it possible for the customers to communicate via different channels. Your hired teams can receive all the queries and provide appropriate solutions through the customer’s preferred communication channel. Thus, all the queries of the customers are sorted out without wasting time.

contact-center 7 Benefits of a Contact Center

Types of contact center:

There are three types of contact centers, which are as follows:
Cloud-based contact centers:
Unlike on-premise contact centers, a cloud-based contact center is hosted on a cloud server. These contact centers also operate as a point from where the service providers filter inbound calls and outbound calls. Any business can use cloud-based contact centers to provide high-quality customer support and satisfying solutions.
Hosted call center:
When a business decides to transfer its contact center resources and infrastructure to another location, it is called hosted contact center. The experts suggest it is a much better way of generating higher returns on investment. Your company’s upfront costs will reduce and your customer executives will serve more customers to make sales and provide support.
Virtual contact center:
A virtual contact center is a great solution if you do not want to invest in resources and still provide satisfying customer service. You can hire freelance service providers who can work remotely from different location. The contact center manager will distribute calls, emails, and messages. Thus, the cost of buying resources and establishing an on premise contact center reduces.
Some noticeable benefits of contact center:
Many companies are serving customers through contact centers. They have found, customers are enjoying omnichannel customer service solutions. You can experience the following benefits if switch to contact center solutions.
Better call distribution:
Call distribution becomes a much easier process when you are using contact center solutions. It can help you in increasing the number of fielded calls. Your team can communicate with much larger number of callers to listen their queries and register more sales. This system can identify the most competent agent and redirect customer’s call to that agent. Thus, customer executives in your team will receive calls related to their skills and provide much better solutions.
It is a more flexible solution:
If you are a contact center manager, you can easily manipulate your staff’s priorities and access to boost their efficiency. All the objects and contacts recorded by a service executive can be shared among contact center agents. They will collaborate much better and work as a team to improve customer satisfaction. Call centers do not provide such advanced features. In addition, contact center’s flexible solutions lead a business towards better data security. A contact center can easily deal with fluctuating call volumes without facing any trouble.
Customized scripts:
The contact center agents feel confident when dealing with customers. They get a script customized for their clients, which they use whenever communicating with customers. That script provides a structure of communication for support and sales. So, whether dealing with a prospect or existing customer, the contact center staff can easily communicate with the customer.
Contact center agents entertain customers via various communication channels. The script can work on all the channels. However, your customer executives can change or improvise the script according to situation to offer satisfying solutions.
Real-time monitoring and reporting:
Your customer service executives will deal with numerous customers every day. The contact center solution allows you to monitor how the agents are performing. You can reveal the performance of the agents by evaluating reports generated based on their performance. Although the reports can generate a huge amount of data, you can focus on some key aspects to produce meaningful reports on the performance.

Final thoughts:

It will be wrong to say that there are no flaws of contact center. However, it is a much better solution for providing customer support than call centers. Language barrier and the lack of interdepartmental communication may occur if you do not manage the operations perfectly. As the benefits depict, contact center provides many benefits that a call center can never. Therefore, all the fast growing business organizations are now switching to contact centers.
They want to get in touch with their customers over all the means of communications. Customer satisfaction matters and every modern business is investing in contact center solutions to experience the benefits listed here.

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