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Business VoIP Buyer’s Guide: Top 10 Services of 2019

If you are looking for the best business Voip service providers, identifying the best from the long list of alternatives can be quite a challenge because there are so many of them offering broadband services to customers at varying prices. If you are such a dilemma, you don’t have to worry. Why? Because Voip Launch have experienced analysts and engineers who have searched and tested over 200+ voip service systems offering business Voip to customers. By painstakingly compiling the list and checking the quality of their service, VoipLauch have been able to separate the best business phone systems from the voip providers who offer services of low quality.

Voip Launch has been able to compile different lists of both small and large business Voip providers, services with different custom packages that falls within your budget, Quality service signals, services with the most competitive prices, dedicated customer care services, unlimited calling ranges, Services with the best Flat rate billing and Enterprise classed calling features.

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Top Trending Small Business VoIP Phone Systems:

Provider Nextiva RingCentral Mitel Vonage Business
Year Founded 2006 2003 1972 2000
Headquarters Scottsdale, AZ Belmont, CA Ontario, Canada Atlanta, GA
Customer Service US & Global, Mon-Fri 5am-6pm, Sat-Sun 6am-6pm, MST US & Global, 24/7 US & Global, 24/7 US Based, Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm EST
Nextiva Office Pro RingCentral Office MiCloud Business Unlimited Extensions
Month to month pricing of popular plan for a 10 line system $329.50 per month ($32.95 per line) $349.90 per month ($34.99 per line) No month to month offer Request a quote for details as each case is different and various discounts apply to new customers.
Contract pricing of popular plan for a 10 line system $309.50 per month ($30.95 per line) $279.90 per month ($27.99 per line) $200 per month ($20 per line) No Contracts, all service are month to month.
New Customer Promo Free Polycom VVX300 Phones ($200 value) 30 day completely free trial of service and hardware, to all new subscribers with 2 or more users. Any free trial hardware must be returned within 21 days of cancellation. 3 Months Free First Month free always. However other unique discounts are available as well.
Toll Free Numbers Number Provided Free (Incoming calls are $0.02/min) $5/mo (1000 Mins Included, Add'l $0.03/min) $4.95/mo per Toll DID ($0.04/min) $39.99/mo, No per minute charges
Free phone offer Yes, multiple phones to choose from including Polycom, Yealink No Free Phones No Free Phones No Free Phones
BYOD Option Yes, Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, Panasonic, and all other major models. Yes, Polycom & Cisco phones only. Also allows BYOD for mobiles, tablets, and laptops. No, must get new phones with service. Yes, but limitations apply

Business VoIP Buyer’s Guide: Top 10 Services of 2018

  1. Nextiva – This service is the number-one rated VoIP service provider, allowing subscribers to enjoy over one hundred premium features.
  2. PanTerra – One of the favoured services for multi-location users, PanTerra offers an excellent new customer offer, as well as real-time team collaboration features.
  3. Claritytel – Being able to enjoy unlimited calling with flat rate billing is something which everyone should look for in their VoIP service.
  4. 1-VoIP – With a 99.9% successful uptime guarantee, one can expect to rarely find themselves disconnected with this service provider. 1-VoIP is also renowned for its highly experienced customer services.
  5. VoiPLy – Providing free VoIP phones for business customers, as well as being free of contract and setup fees has made VoiPLy one of the most cost-effective VoIP service providers available.
  6. Dialpad – Dialpad is undoubtedly a world leader in cloud business communications, allowing for an almost instantaneous setup and deployment, free of hardware requirements.
  7. 8×8 – This service provider was the first to provide the cloud communication platform. 8×8 provides an unlimited level of global calling, spanning across 47 countries.
  8. Broadvoice – Enjoy an excellent level of virtual faces, softphone support, conferencing, a secure global extension and international numbers with Broadvoice.
  9. MegaPath – There are no user minimums with MegaPath, as one can enjoy unlimited national calling using cloud-based phone services. Take full advantage of their application, which allows for video, conferences, calls, and texts in one simple and complete platform.
  10. Jive – A straightforward and accessible interface has made Jive one of the most popular platforms for VoIP usage, with free upgrades, add-ons, and features all at a touch of a button.

What is Business VoIP?

 What is known as ‘Business VoIP’ generally relates to a VoIP phone system, or a traditional phone line which has been integrated with VoIP technology, which allows for office workers to make calls using their office IP data networks.

Business VoIP services take this existing technology to a commercial level, which allow for services such as private branch exchange (or PBX), desk-to-desk calling, conference and video calling, as well as the running of automated attendants.

In the past ten years, business VoIP technology has advanced to the level where hardware is becoming less of a needed implementation. There is a myriad of IT and VoIP service providers available for businesses, and it is important that a company finds the right fit for their communication and cloud needs.

Primarily, a business wants to ensure that their already-established phone systems can be integrated into this newly installed service. A company will need IP phones – which connect through an ethernet system rather than the copper wiring of telephones – in order to become connected to the global VoIP network.


How to Choose the Best Business VoIP Provider:

Pricing should always be the starting point for businesses looking for a brilliant business VoIP provider. Setting up an initial package detailing an unlimited rate of calling, a basic queuing service, as well as a competent automated attendant will be the first few services a business will require, beyond the primary setup costs.

Services such as video conferencing and PBX will be next level of packages being looked at and implemented by a business, which further improve the smoothness and comprehensive integration of a company’s communication procedures.

For businesses whose employees and leaders are often venturing forth into the world, a business VoIP with a fully integrated mobile application is essential for allowing all of these scattered individuals to maintain a constantly updated standard of understanding.

Then there are extended services such as call routing and management. Being able to route a call directly from one representative to another with a touch of a button makes linking business calls and sales from one employee to another very easy and quick.

Of course, businesses will need a support system which runs all day, every day. Businesses simply cannot afford to have their connectivity hampered when there is an inadequate level of help on hand when channels begin to disconnect. If a business is cloud-based, then security is must be of the utmost concern.

Here are some questions to ask a potential Business VoIP Provider:

While businesses around the world are steadily moving onto this newfound communication service, there is much which an interested company needs to inquire about before making the move, which is indeed a big one.

  • What will the setup fees be? There are various setup, activation, porting and equipment costs which are required as an initial set of payments, and further costs are incurred if a virtual PBX service is needed by a business.
  • What would the termination fees be?
  • How are traditional landlines integrated into VoIP?
  • Are local business applications compatible with VoIP technologies?
  • Does fax get integrated into VoIP business services?
  • What kind of tech support and customer services are available?

Key Benefits of using VoIP for your Business Phone Service:

 As mentioned before, VoIP services save on company costs. It is simply far cheaper for all employees to switch to VoIP communication styles, rather than using landlines and standard cellular device calling and texting methods.

If a business is an international one which needs to maintain contact with people overseas, then the long-distance calls that follow such relationships are far more cost effective than those done using traditional phone lines.

The portability of a VoIP telephone is a global one, and any business with a competent internet connection can make all of the calls needed, to anyone around the world, even when traveling. Both staff and clients can retain a cost effective and high-quality level of contact, no matter where they are.

Video conferencing is a big part of modern business communication and procedure. VoIP phones enable such a service at an excellently clear level of connection and interface. All of the most important meetings and deals can be conducted using a VoIP system.

The safe and reliable interchange of classified documentation can be easily achieved with a VoIP business service provider which ensures an impenetrable standard of virtual security. Businesses are often major targets for hackers and corporate spies, and so an advanced commitment to privacy and safety is one of the main concerns of businesses making the move to VoIP.

VoIP brings a new level of independence and self-sufficiency to office workers, managers, and virtually all staff members of a business. There is a reduced level of administrative costs and efforts required when communication and data exchange can be easily managed by the individual employee.

Having traditional landline services integrated into a VoIP system is essential, such as voice mail, call waiting and forwarding, as well as caller ID. Beyond these well-known services, however, there are many improvements to business communication which VoIP services can bring.

One of the favourite features of business VoIP is the ability to send voice mail messages as emails, which employees can distribute to any number of people that they like. This saves on time, and allows for workers to never miss out on important information and developments across time.

Leading VoIP business service providers allow for the integration of voice traffic with something like a SalesForce application along with customer relations management solutions, which allows for customer services and the functioning of sales teams to receive and process customer service calls.

Sales calls can now be assessed on a far more detailed level, as leads can now be recorded and analysed with greater precision and accessibility.

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